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Excellence, Transparency, Integrity, and Professionalism


To be hub for efficient and effective land administration that promote equitable access to land and information for sustainable socio-economic development of Borno State.


To provide prompt, efficient, and excellent service delivery leveraging on technology to ensure equitable and optimal utilization of land resources for the sustainable development of the Borno State.


By Section 5(1) of the Borno Geographic Information Service Law, 2019 the Service is responsible for the administration and management of land matters in the State including issues relating to title, registration, searches, and such other responsibilities as may be determined the Governor. The Service also as the following responsibilities (amongst others) to:

  1. Ensure that efficient and reliable services and secured products are made available to all stake holders and to advance good governance and transparency of land management in the State.
  2. Introduce, implement, and sustain best practices for land tenure ship and title certification in the State.
  3. Receive, conduct due diligence on, and verify applications for issuance of Right of Occupancy for land or the grant of other rights over land or subsequent transaction in the State.
  4. Develop and maintain a database of all within the State particularly with respect to history, location, size, use and other related issues.
  5. Permit access to existing date on land for the purpose of conducting title searches for members of the public at a fee to be prescribed from time to time by the Service.
  6. Ensure conformity with the national standard concerning geospatial data.
  7. Undertake such other activities as may be required for the efficient management and administration of land matters in the State.
  8. Exercise such other powers as are incidental to the discharge of its responsibilities.


Regulation 5 (2) of Borno State Land Use Regulations, 2022

The new digital Certificate of Occupancy is the only official document that certifies the bearer as the holder of the Right of Occupancy. The new digital Certificate of Occupancy is the only transactional document that banks, other financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies may accept as evidencing title to the land described therein.

Regulation 15 (1) of Borno State Land Use Regulations, 2022

All holders of a Statutory or Customary Right of Occupancy within Borno State shall on or before the 31st day of December 2023 submit a Recertification Application Form to BOGIS. The Governor may at his discretion increase or reduce the application processing fee during the timebound recertification exercise.

Section 15 of Land Registration Law Cap. 77 Laws of Borno State 1994. No instrument shall be pleaded or given in evidence in any court as affecting any land unless the same shall have been registered in the proper office as specified in section 3.

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