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The Town Planning Directorate of this Ministry is technically oriented and charged with responsibility of overseeing the orderly physical development of our urban centers and regional areas. This enables the Department organize sustainable space for all human activities as regards to living, working, recreation and circulation. The functions of the Urban and Regional profession is guided by the Nigerian Urban and Regional law : Decree No. 88,1992.

The functions can be achieved through:

  1. The implementation of State Government Policies as it relates to Town Planning matters.
  2. The formulation of physical development policies geared towards the Socio-Economic improvement of the citizenry well-being.
  3. The preparation of physical development plan such as, Master Plan, Regional Plan, District Plan, Structural Plan, Action Plan, Local Plan and Subject Plan with a view of ensuring and efficient systematic growth of Human Settlements.
  4. Advice the State Government on Land Management specifically as it relates to Land Use Activity for public and private purposes.
  5. Control of physical developments in form of:-
  6. Stop Work order.
  7. Enforcement Order.
  8. Quit Notice.
  9. Demolition Notice.

TPL Liman Gana Mustapha

Director Town Planning


To ensure efficiency and effective performance, the directorate is structured into Nine (9) units; Design unit, Development Planning Areas (DPA), Information and Research Units, Zonal Offices, Disaster Planning unit, Revenue and Store unit.

All this units play significant roles in the day to day running of the directorate.

Design unit functions:-

  • Preparation of layout plans.
  • Subdivision plans.
  • Site location plans.
  • Updating of plans.

Disaster planning unit functions

  • Identification of prone areas of natural and manmade activities.
  • Environmental impact Assessment.

District Planning areas (DPA) Functions:-

  • To monitor and control physical developments.
  • Serving and enforcement of notices.
  • Technical report writing.

Research and information units functions:-

  • Socio economic survey
  • Transportation survey
  • Identify areas liable to flooding
  • Mapping and chatting of plans

Revenue collection unit function

  • Collection of site plan processing fees.

Town planning Store functions:-

  • Keeping of town planning plans
  • Printing of plans
  • Keeping of town planning equipment


  1. BOTP/198 Kashimri Commercial/Residential layout located along Kano-Maiduguri road.
  2. BOTP/198 Kashimri Commercial/Residential layout Extension located along Kano-Maiduguri road.
  3. BOTP/193 Zannari Residential layout Situated off. Dikwa road, adjacent College of Agriculture site.
  4. BOTP/107c Re-design residential layout plan, situated off. Kano – Biu Bypass after national grid line.
  5. BOTP/200 Commercial/Residential layout situated along Kano – Maiduguri road, adjacent State University site.
  6. BOSA/201 Residential lay out situated in old Maiduguri.
  7. BOSA/11 Commercial Residential layout situated along Dikwa road.
  8. Site selections for both State and Federal Government Agencies.


The directorate has conceived plans to design a layout along Gubio road to meet the demands for plots. The site selected for this proposal is Sir Kashim Ibrahim College of Education abandon site.

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