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The Surveyor General is the “primary government authority on surveying and cadastre (land property boundaries and tenure)” with responsibilities including Land Administration, Surveying, Geographic place names, regulations, geometric infrastructure and Survey central network, protection of the Cadastre.

The primary function of the office of the state Surveyor General is to provide survey frame work to facilitate the registration of Certificate of Occupancy under the Land Use Act, Initiate, Formulate, Execute, Monitor and Evaluate policies relating to land survey matters, mapping matters among others.

The statutory functions of Survey Directorate are basically SURVEYING AND MAPPING of Borno State in general. In order to achieve these goals, the Directorate is structured into the following units

Amsami Bukar

Surveyor General

  1. Field and Boundary
  2. Cadastral / Cartography
  3. Preliminary Charting

Field and Boundary:

This unit is responsible for all field activities in relation to surveying. These survey activities entails collecting field data, produce plans, charts, maps and other related information.

It carried out all demarcation and survey of items, either Government land, individual or corporate bodies. This is inform of cadastral survey to produce cadastral plans for title deed plans (TDP). In addition to that, this section also carry out the survey of boundaries of intra and inter -state.

Cartography/ G1S Lab.

This unit is responsible for all cadastral work including drawing of all cadastral plans, chart, and related graphic in the state. This unit draws title deed plan based on the data presented from the field unit. Another aspect of this unit is that, all the sheets that are needed for day- to – day activities of the Borno Geographic Information Service are kept there. The Unit is also responsible for the production of Administrative maps, Topographical maps, Thematic maps and other purpose maps.

Preliminary charting unit:

The main functions of this unit include the following:

  • To record and keep informations of all plots allocated in the state in the registers.
  • To record and keep informations of all lands granted for statutory right of occupancy, with the local Governments inclusive.
  • To curtail or detect double allocations of a plot to two or more different applicants.
  • To checkmate problems of overlapping of Lands applied for by individuals or Government. This is done by charting the piece of land prepared as a site location plan on a cadastral or topo sheet. This site locate on plan is usually produced by either a town planner or a surveyor.
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