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The Land division is charged with the responsibility of general administration and implementation of Government policies and programs pertaining to land matters, and also intervene in issues of land dispute and settlement in the state in accordance with the land use act 1978.

In the former Ministry, particularly the activities of the land administration is being guided directly by the land use act, where there are several sections applied to execute the general Land Administrative activities. Most specific is that of the section dealing with the total powers to State Governor on controlling and regulating the state land. Further to this, land use act vests all land except land vested in Federal Government and its agencies.

The Governor of the state to hold in trust for the people and administer such land for the use and common benefit of all Nigerians. However this control and management is limited to lands in urban area. On the other hand land held by the Federal Government or its agencies according to sec. 49 shall be controlled and managed by the Federal Government

Therefore on this premise, the most frequently applied section of this act in the prevailing situation include section, 5, 10, 12, 22, 28, 29, 34, 45 and 49 of the land use act. 1978. Most areas of application include, powers of State Governor, acquisition, assessment and valuation, compensation, land registration, collection of ground rents /other land charges and certification of title has been covered comprehensively in the act.

Babagana Hassan

Director Land Administration


Land Administration in the state has a long history dates back to times of Northern Province Administration to Borno state, this situation presently allow the former ministry to handles few cases of former north eastern state, as comprehensive land records are only available in this state. In terms of land records currently land application is in the region of over one hundred thousand applications are kept. These records did not include those inherited from Northern Province and north eastern state. In this figure, over eighty thousand (80,000) application has been processed favorably to statutory title in the state, and in this figure less than 30,000 has been certificated i.e. execution of prepared C of O

Allocation of plot of land to individuals and organization is a continuous exercise especially to government organizations and agencies. The ministry had allocated well over 13,000 plots of Land on high and medium density awaiting demarcation and survey.

In the area of revenue generation, the tempo is not encouraging as expected revenue is in the region of over N200,000,000 is expected to be paid by title holders annually, however, due to lack of awareness and lack execution of C of O.

In recent past revenue generation had drop drastically by 90% in the first half of this year Jan – May the ministry had collected over Fifty Six million Naira (N56,000,000). Most of this revenue is coming from registration of miscellaneous documents such as assignment and mortgages only. Ground rents can only contribute less .than 5 % to this collection.

The recent administration had acquired and bought several land and landed properties within and outside the state for various uses and purposes. For the purpose of this briefing comprehensive list containing these acquisition and transactions is hereby attached for sighting and noting.


Government documents particularly Right of Occupancy has been a subject of faking and forging by fraudsters. Measures have been taken to curtail the situation. Some of this culprit has been reported to the security agencies for interrogations and prosecution in court of law. Documents recovered from them are with the ministry pending determination of the cases.

In the area of Land Litigation three governments approved layout has been a subject of litigation located at Pompomari, Ngarannam, and behind Bakassi Housing Estate tagged as BOTP/107c redesigned, BOTP/178 Pompomari bypass and BOSA/168 Ngarannam. The matter has been addressed in court of law at the appeal level for the two layouts, but one of 107c is still pending in court.

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