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The Directorate of Finance and Accounts is one of the core existing departments under the Borno Geographic Information Service (BOGIS) charged with the responsibility of prudent management of the Agency’s funds. It is also the custodian of the Agency’s financial records and security documents. The directorate is headed by a Director, it has the accounts department headed by a Chief Accountant as it main functional unit.

It coordinates transaction emanating from the state ministry of finance and other outside sister’s organization such as Federal and Local Governments in line with management and financial instructions, the directorate is responsible for processing and payment of all funds comes through the Agency.

Alhaji Babayo Garba

Director Finance

Other functions include:-

  1. Efficient financial management and financial controls necessary to support all expenditure activities
  2. Administering of all financial policies
  3. Keeping financial and accounting records of the Agency
  4. Liaising with the Ministry of Finance, Budget & Planning & other Agencies on financial policies and matters
  5. Liaising with the Auditor General on audit matters
  6. Secretariat on fund disbursement.


As earlier stated the Directorate is headed by a Director of Finance and Accounts assisted by the Chief Accountant as the technical crew of the department.

The directorate has the following sections:-

  1. Capital Expenditure unit:-
  2. Salary unit:-
  3. Overhead and
  4. Revenue unit
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