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Administration is the back born of every organization.  It is through Administrative processes Government policies and programmes are implemented. Without proper Administration Government policies are bound to fail.

Administration and Supply is charged with the responsibility of managing both Human and Material resources of every organization.

The responsibilities of the Department of Administration and Supply are as follows:

  • Recruitment of certain categories of staff.
  • Discipline of staff
  • Training of staff.
  • Promotion of staff.
  • Welfare of staff
  • Procurement and storage of materials such as stationery, furniture and electrical appliances are kept in the stores.
  • General maintenance e.g. Vehicles, Furniture, Electrical. Buildings etc,
  • Record keeping of both confidential and personal files.
  • Receiving and dispatching of all mails.

Bukar Alhaji Madu

Director Administration

The Department of Administration and Supply has four major units, these are:

  1. Secret Registry
  2. Open Registry
  3. Stores
  4. Maintenance
Secret Registry
  1. The Secret Registry is charged with responsibility of
  2. Maintenance of all confidential files
  3. Promotion of categories of staff
  4. Updating of comprehensive staff list
  5. In charge of training of staff
  6. Staff welfare
  7. Discipline of staff
  8. Employment of staff
Open Registry

The open registry is charged with the following:

  • Maintenance of all personal files
  • Dispatch of all mails
  • In charge of all retirements of staff
  • Preparations of variation orders for both new employment, promotions and retirements

The stores unit is changed with the responsibility of purchases, procurement, storage and distribution of all materials such as:

  • Stationery
  • Furniture
  • Electrical
  • Spare parts e.t.c
  • Also maintenance of file jackets both secret and personal.
Maintenance Unit

The maintenance unit is charged with the responsibility of maintaining of all office buildings, electrical and motor vehicles. Also the department has three functional official vehicles under its control, i.e. two Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Sienna saloon.


The Board now has a total staff strength of 199 while the Department of Admin and Supply has a total staff of Sixty Six (62) staff at the moment and this staff are distributed up to the zonal offices. There are also (9) N Power volunteers of the Federal Government Social Intervention N – Agro) they were posted here from the ministry of Agriculture and we posted them to various Department according to their field of specialization.

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